St. Louis Game Company’s Hottest Cranes of the summer are: Neon World and Ticket World.

Part of the Ticket World’s success is the striking colors of the ticket kit rolls.  Marty Luepker of St. Louis Game Co. says, “I just got a report from one of my best customers who just opened a new arcade and his Tickets Worlds are the top 2 earners out of 26 games!”.

St. Louis Game Co. is experiencing similar reports on the Neon World.  According to Luepker, “At the recent Bowl Expo the Neon World was the number one pick because of the unique lighting system that illuminates the whole room, one bowling center ordered 8.”

St. Louis Game Co. is experiencing record sales in a large part because all cranes are in stock, 
including: Prize Express, Ticket Train, Route 66, Prize Rocket, Duck World, Carnival Crane, and licensed Kiss “Phantom of the Park” Crane.
For more information please call 1-800-773-0531 or email
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