HowndTM Launches Its Effortless Foot TrafficTM Platform for Local Merchants with a Zero-Risk, Pay-Per-VisitTM Pricing Model

Cloud-based portal for merchants combined with the MyHowndTM app for consumers delivers a unified solution
TEMPE, Ariz. – October 18, 2019 – Hownd (formerly FetchRev) has announced the availability of its new automated promotions platform that effortlessly generates the new and repeat customers local merchants need to grow their business and consistently generate more profitable revenue. With the launch of Hownd, the company is retiring its FetchRev name.
In a world in which more than half of small businesses close within five years, local merchants need all the help they can get. Unfortunately, their existing marketing tools are not working:
  • Group-buying sites often lead to profitless visitors that can bleed merchants dry
  • Pay-to-play review sites are not aligned with merchant success
  • Other marketing tools require significant time, effort, and expertise and only create activity instead of actual results and real revenue
Hownd changes the landscape of promotions marketing by delivering a local merchant’s offers through an elegant and effortless combination of web, social media, email, and the new MyHownd consumer mobile app. The company’s other game-changer is its patent-pending Pay-Per-VisitTM (PPV) billing system that, when combined with an available zero-risk plan, means merchants only pay when Hownd brings them customers.
Built on a proven solution for marketing to new and existing customers, Hownd includes access to an ever-expanding network of more than 38 million consumers. This network includes hundreds of thousands of consumers in each of the major markets throughout North America who collectively generate more than 50,000 transactions each month with local merchants.
“As FetchRev, we’ve proven the capabilities of our platform and built a strong understanding of the needs of local business owners,” says Brandon Willey, founder and CEO of Hownd. “Feedback from thousands of local merchants has been built into our new effortless foot traffic platform. Hownd delivers the new and repeat visitors these businesses need with a simple pay-per-visit pricing model that just makes sense.”
The company has a zero-risk PPV-only Starter plan with no recurring monthly fee that enables merchants to only pay when Hownd brings customers through their doors. The Essentials and Plus monthly subscription plans empower merchants with additional features designed to further increase their customer data collection, foot traffic, and profitable revenue.
The platform includes a cloud-based portal where merchants can easily monitor and measure their foot traffic, promotions redeemed, and revenue directly attributable to Hownd’s performance.
The company’s free MyHownd mobile consumer app makes it easy for consumers to discover and support local entertainment, dining, and health & beauty experiences and redeem savings from Hownd merchants. The local promotions are curated based on a consumer’s subscriptions and location. The app is available now in the App Store and on Google Play.
About Hownd
Hownd (formerly FetchRev) is a proven fully-automated and effortless foot traffic platform that generates profitable guest visits for local businesses by delivering targeted promotions to existing and new nearby consumers. Focused on the success of local business owners, the company has served thousands of local merchants and more than 38 million consumers throughout North America and beyond. Unlike outdated group-buying deal sites and offer portals that can bleed merchants dry, Hownd provides quantifiable, attributable and sustainable long-term value to local businesses; reduces their effort and costs; and increases their real revenue and profit. Learn more at or visit to get started in just five minutes. Call 877-394-2410 for more information.
FetchRev is a registered trademark and Hownd, MyHownd, Pay-Per-Visit, and Effortless Foot Traffic are trademarks of Hownd, Inc. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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