Revamped mini-golf to open at former Lake Pleasant course Built for America Sponsored by Ford Motor Company See More

Adventure Zone to make debut this month, with laser tag, indoor virtual reality to follow

The location of the former Lake Pleasant Golf Course — and the attached mini-golf layout — has taken on new owners and will have a new look when it opens in the summer.

Erick and Laura Friedman will unveil at Lake Pleasant with a themed mini-golf course. Once completed, the repackaged entertainment venue will also have concessions, three indoor virtual reality stations and an outdoor laser tag battleground in the works. The nine-hole regular golf course will not reopen.

The tentative opening date for mini-golf is July 11, although it could get pushed back to July 18. It has already been pushed back from the original start of June 1.

Features from the previous Lake Pleasant mini-golf structure will remain in place. New carpeted greens, designed to produce a more natural roll, will be installed.

The theme of the mini-golf setup will conjure legends of Erie County, such as the Waterford Sheepman, the Mothman, the Lake Pleasant woolly mammoths and the UFO sighting at Presque Isle State Park.

Erick and Laura Friedman hope to have the themes in place by opening day. Laura, a teacher, came up with the educational spin.

While mini-golf courses typically pop up in higher-traffic areas, Adventure Zone is located in a more remote area. The Friedmans noted that the rural setting will offer a less cramped space for larger gatherings.

“We’ve got to do a really good job in marketing it and letting people know where it is,” Erick Friedman said. “The appeal is: if you’re coming here for a birthday party, you’re not getting crammed in.”

Adventure Zone still needs plenty of work to come together, having had its progress set back eight weeks by the COVID-19 pandemic. The owners think they will need to introduce each of the newer features in phases.

Construction of the laser tag field is still in the early stages. That will be located on the plot’s front lawn. Laser tag players will be able to create their own gamer profiles and accumulate points over multiple visits.

The indoor facilities might be off-limits in the initial stage due to COVID-19 restrictions. Long-term ideas include a corn maze.

The owners hope to have laser tag and the indoor facilities open by late August or early September.

“We were invested in this well before the pandemic,” Erick Friedman said. “We’re still full speed ahead, even though the future is uncertain. We’re invested in this project —and the community — and we’re going to invest rather than go back.”


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