‘Plaza Bowl’ bowling alley reopens

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – With the new lights, seating areas, and scoring system, Plaza Bowl is back in business, and back in style.

“I’m really excited for our bowlers to roll out–really, improvements that have happened to a building that’s been here 61 years,” Plaza Bowl’s owner, Brian Atchison, said.

Plaza Bowl’s reopening is something many bowlers say they’ve anxiously waited for over the past five-and-a-half months.

“I’m just excited to be here, and looking forward to a good season,” bowler Mike Peck said.

“It’s great–this place looks a lot better than it did. Not saying it was bad, but saying it’s a lot more modern, and brand new. It’s sweet,” Captain of the “No Names” Bowling Team, Max Balzer, said.

“I wasn’t sure if were going to be able to be back with the pandemic and all, and, hopefully, we can keep coming back,” bowler Troy Martinson said.

However, it’s not just the new amenities grabbing the attention of many a bowler.

“We are implementing an extensive [COVID] plan that is fluid–that can change at any time,” Atchison said.

The Plaza Bowl is currently limiting capacity to 50 percent–with only five bowlers allowed per lane, and no spectators.

“We’ve really watched the state, and monitored the state very closely. COVID has been a hot commodity in Iowa–cooled down, and now I see that it’s hot again in certain counties,” Atchison said.

Also, no food will be served, and all bowling balls and shoes must be cleaned after every game.

“I think their health protocols are perfect for what this is. I’m not concerned, and I don’t think that anybody should be, but I think it’s set up fine,” Martinson said.

Balzer says even with the lack of a mask mandate, he believes Plaza Bowl is doing everything they can to keep bowlers safe.

“The non-mandatory masks–I think they’re lenient on that, which is okay, but I know they’re following the guidelines, which is good to see,” Balzer said.

Source: siouxlandproud.com


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