Sacoa – Reactivation of the markets

Sacoa notices a significant increase in entertainment activity worldwide during this last COVID-19 period

Sebastian Mochkovsky – Sacoa CEO in USA – shares his experiences about what has happened in the industry in the recent months: “We have noticed a reactivation of the markets through the increase in the need to open new stores. COVID stopped generating that feeling of the necessity of lock-down.”

In the last 5 months Sacoa cashless opened his showroom called Dezerland Park Orlando in the state of Florida with an area of​​ 800,000 square feet.  Has incorporated 2 indoor ekart tracks, 12 bowling lanes, trampoline park and more than 250 machines. 16 POS, 12 K4 Kiosks and the latest Spark card readers were added. The installation also included Online Sales, Online Party Booking, CRM modules and the Sacoa App to speed up sales. The cashless system also controls the access to the Orlando Auto Museum and the Pinball Palace.

In the Game, owned by George Smith, part of FEG, recently opened at Icon Park Orlando, with more than 60 machines using Spark readers, multiple K4 Kiosks, POS and the Sacoa Redemption System.

Magical Midway arcade in Orlando owned by Dale Williams replaced his previous card system for a Sacoa system. More than 70 Sparks, and the latest Sacoa software technology has being incorporated. Also Beach Fun and Games at Madeira beach, Florida just upgraded their old token system with 65 latest Spark readers, and all the software features.

On the same path, is Australia, Spain, Egypt, and other countries over the world.
Sacoa is ready to help and support any center to go ‘back to normal’ and forget this ugly moment in the history.

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