Plaza Divertilandia, implements Magnetic Cash arcade system.

The arcade center Plaza Divertilandia chooses Magnetic Cash system for their location in Colima, Mexico.

Covid-19 is still hitting hard in some countries of the center and South America, due to the lack of vaccines. Luckily, in some countries some restrictions have recently been lifted, so the entertainment industry can start working with all the security protocols. One of them is Mexico, where Julio Urbina, owner of Plaza Divertilandia, decided to bet in a new location in Colima, Mexico and chooses Magnetic Cash as his strategic partner. The system allows him to have the total control of his business, add different promotions to increase his revenue and reduce the circulation of cash.

“Magnetic Cash products have given me great results. Thanks to the electronic cash, my sells have raised more than 40% and the customer base has been increasing so far. I am very happy to have purchased the products of this company. I am sure I will be buying more in the future”, said Julio Urbina. Finally, he added: “I completely recommend the system, it accomplished the objectives and the quality of the products is excellent”.

Magnetic Cash has been leading the Latin American market thanks to the flexibility the company offers to their clients: remote install support, durable hardware, 0% Interest Financing, free updates and support, and the most important, no monthly Fee

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